Culture Package- Performance and Concert!

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Culture package

Combination of the Folklore dance performance and the Budapest Gala concert!

Danube Symphonye OrchestraDon’t miss the chance to explore the Hungarian cultural heritage and its rich, beautiful traditions with our special, Culture package!  With this new program combination, you can experience the centuries old traditions of the Hungarian folk dancing, then you can enjoy a real musical treat on our Gala concert, where you will witness the works of Strauss, Liszt, and Brahms, uniquely accompanied by the traditional Hungarian instrument, the cimbalom. In case you reserve the Culture package you will get a discount from the price of the Gala concert.

This package is a combination of the Folklore Performance on friday and the Budapest Gala Concert on the day after.

The cultural traditions of Hungary are unique in the world. There are only a handful of countries in the world, where folk music and dancing are being practiced at such a high artistic level. In Hungary, these art forms are treated as an indispensable part of the country’s heritage. It’s easy to see that our culture’s foundations are based on music and movement, which are not only part of our country’s culture, they are part of our lives as well. One of the best ways of getting acquainted with the Hungarian experience is attending a traditional folk dance performance. With our company, you can receive this experience first hand, from the best and most famous performers in the country. The Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, the Danube Folk Ensemble and the Hungaria Folk Ensemble & Orchestra are the country’s most respected dance ensembles with the longest traditions, dating back more than six decades. The groups consist of 30 dancers, and about 20 folk musicians based on the performing group. With these performances you will experience the most famous, and the lesser known Hungarian and Gypsy dances from all areas of the country. 

After gaining insight into the depths of the Hungarian folk traditions, let us guide you through our country’s music heritage as well. With its colourful performances and music from Hungarian and foreign composers, the Gala concert is a truly unique experience.

The Budapest Gala concert combines all the captivating elements of Classical, Operetta, Hungarian folk and Gypsy music, forming a truly exciting and precious event. One of the most famous Hungarian classical music ensembles, the Danube Symphony Orchestra is leading the performance, accompanied by professional ballet dancers for a more complex and vivid experience.

The program also features operetta performances by the soloists of the world-famous Budapest Operetta Theatre.

To make the experience more unique, a special Hungarian instrument, the cimbalom will be presented. It is a traditional stringed instrument, which provides perfect harmony, accompanying the grand symphonic orchestra.

The show also includes a performance by one of Hungary’s great new talents from the national “Virtuosos” talent show.

The 90 minute long concerts consist of two 45 minute sets with a 10 minute intermission in-between. The performances are taking place in two of the city’s most prestigious concert halls, the Danube Palace and the recently renewed, historical Pesti Vigadó, in central downtown locations.

Both of the programs are starting at 20:00.We ask you kindly to be at the venue of the performance 30 minutes before the show starts, with your printed confirmation emails.



Category 1: 74 EUR
Category 2: 66 EUR
Category 3: 54 EUR
VIP tickets: 190 EUR

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Venue of the programs (Danube Palace and / or Pesti Vigado):
(More about the Danube palace >>>)

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