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No visit to Budapest is complete without a bath in one of its world-famous thermal spring spas. The ancient Romans had already discovered the healing effects of the thermal springs on the area that we call Budapest today.  The bath culture however only started to develop during the Turkish times. We offer tickets for two of the city’s most prestigious and historical thermal baths: Szechenyi bath and Gellert bath. You can book your tickets directly at the reception of your hotel, or with your tour guide, at any Tourist information office and ticket offices, and with our representatives on the most frequented spots of Budapest. By booking your tickets in advance, you do not have to wait in a queue; we provide fast & easy entrance through our separate Welcome desk.

The Szechenyi Bath is Budapest’s largest thermal spring bath, which was built in 1913 in Neo-Baroque style. Its thermal spring is one of the deepest and warmest in the city. It is situated in the City Park, opposite the City Circus and it can be reached by metro line M1 (the name of the station is Szechenyi fürdõ). It is the largest and most important of all the thermal spas on the Pest side, with its numerous indoor and outdoor pools.



I love Spa Plus Package

„I love Spa Plus” package guest are treated with exceptional care and assistance, our colleagues at the Spa help them find their way around and a complimentary Spa gear is included additionally to the entry ticket.

Package inclusions:

-          full day entry ticket including private cabin use

-          complimentary Spa gear

-          I love Spa towel - TAKE AWAY

-          orientation and general assistance

Spa gear inclusions:

-          flip-flops

-          swimming cap

-          2 in 1 shampoo and shower gel

-          0,5 l Ave still mineral water

Price: 39.50 EUR with entry ticket

We ask our guests kindly to prepare 4000,- HUF in cash, which is the towel renting deposit. Upon returning the towels the guests will get the deposit back. We ask our guests kindly to use the towels for intended purposes; we are unable to refund the deposit price for lost or damaged towels. Upon renting, our guests will receive a receipt for the amount of the deposit, which they must return along with the towel. We ask our guests kindly to contact our colleagues inside the bathing area if they have any problems or further questions. Proxy watches only enable one entrance to the Spa.

Special VIP massage offers, a special massage room for couples

Refreching massage:
Refreshing and relaxing Swedish style massage with oils for the whole body which helps to find the right posture to ease the pain. Whole body relaxation and refreshment guaranteed. Recommended applications include: locomotive organ disorders, muscle tone, and sleeping disorders. 60 minutes massage!

Luxury manager massage:
Especially for the head and back area. By stimulating various acupressure points on the neck, back and shoulder, this massage helps relieve daily stress. It also provides relaxation for the body’s tissues and muscles through placing pressure on the appropriate areas. It is based on the Swedish massage technique that relaxes and eases exercised muscles, improves the blood circulation and provides benefits for the respiratory centre and the vegetative nervous system. 60 minute massage!

Deluxe massage:
A refreshing and relaxing Swedish style massage which helps to find the right posture to ease the pain. 60 minutes massage!

Harmony aroma massage:
Different fragrances have beneficial effects, if absorbed directly through the skin. The oil massage stimulates blood circulation; the volatile oils embrace the body and take their effects through inhalation. It helps body purification, strengthens the immune system and makes the skin more elastic and silky. It revitalizes the tired soul. 60 minutes massage!

If you book this program, you can enter the spas with the printed confirmation email between 9-18 hours, and you can stay till closing time (20-22 hours).

If you booked massage with your ticket, our collegues will contact you via email about the time of the massage (in between 9-18hours).


Ticket + Aroma massage (30min): 36 EUR
Ticket with cabin use: 18 EUR
Refreshing massage (60min) + bath entry: 63 EUR
Refreshing massage for couples (60min) + entries: 116 EUR
Luxury manager massage for couples (60min) + entries: 133 EUR
Luxury manager massage (60min) + entry: 71-5 EUR
Deluxe massage (60min) + entry: 60 EUR
Deluxe couple massage (60min) + entries: 113 EUR
Harmony aroma massage (60min) + entry: 68 EUR
Harmony aroma massage for couples (60min) + entry: 126 EUR
I love Spa package with entry ticket: 39.50 EUR


Open date Gift Voucher

Gift something unforgettable!

Surprise your loved ones with the splendid 'Open Date Gift Voucher' for one wonderful night, by purchasing a ticket for them to use whenever they prefer to!

We ask you kindly to contact us a few days before the chosen date so we can ensure their attendance.


 Széchenyi Bath (Pest side - Állatkerti krt. 11., 1146 Budapest)

Public Transport: by the yellow subway (M1) from the Vörösmarty tér to the Széchenyi fürdõ. Direction: to Mexikói út.
Latitude: 47° 31’ 7.5432" N,
Longitude:19° 4’ 50.16" E



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