Jewish Heritage Grand Tour (2,5-3h)

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Jewish Cultural Heritage in Budapest

Budapest has the biggest Jewish community in Middle - Eastern Europe, with an active religious, artistic and historical heritage. Through centuries the Hungarian and Jewish history has been so entwined that it is almost inseparable. Jews played and play an important role in the country’s economical, cultural and political life. Our company was created in 1995 and since then we try to show our visitors the Hungarian and Jewish culture in our country. Our English speaking guides are well trained, and have the necessary qualification to help you understand the Jewish past and present in Hungary and in Budapest. Our tours are in one (English) language, and we try to keep the sightseeing tours with small groups of people. To customize your needs we prepared three types of heritage tours.


Grand Tour (2,5- 3 hours)

This tour was created for those, who would like to get a overview of the past and present of Hungraian Jewry’s and would like to understand the differences between our main religious wings. With the help of our English-speaking guides you will be acquainted with the most important chapters of the history and culture of the Hungarian Jewry.
The tour includes an interior visit to the Dohány Street Synagogue, which is the largest in Europe, local guided tour in the Jewish Museum, which has an important and unique collection of art pieces from Hungary and Eastern Europe. The Martyrs’ Cemetery where thousands were buried, who were killed during the WWII. Raul Wallenberg Memorial Park with the Tree of Life which was created to remind us of those who perished in the war. We pass by the Heroes temple, which was built in memory of those who gave their lives during WWI. To understand the present we continue our walk to the old – new  Jewish Quarter, which was used as a ghetto during the WWII and today hosts synagogues, monuments, kosher restaurants, and kosher shops. We will visit the Rumbach Street Synagogue, we will see the Carl Lutz Memorial Park, the famous Gozsdu Courtyard and the center of the orthodox Jewish community, with an outside visit of the Kazinczy Street Synagogue. After our tour, we will invite you a cake and drink in the kosher Fröhlich confectionary. You have an other option, to have 10% discount in the kosher Carmel reastaurant.


Main stops:

- Interior visit of the Dohány Street Synagogue (entrance fee is included)
- Jewish Museum with local guiding (entrance fee is included in the price)
- Martyrs’ Cemetery – Holocaust Memorial
- Wallenberg Park
- Tree of Life
- Heroes’ Temple – (outside visit)
- Interior visit of the statusquo Rumbach Synagogue (entrance fee is included)
- Carl Lutz Memorial Park
- Gozsdu Passage
- Ortodox Jewish Quarter
- Kazinczy Street Synagogue – (outside visit, entrace fee not included)
- Cake and drink in the kosher Fröhlich confectionary or you can have 10 % discount in the kosher Carmel Restaurant

Tour dates: from 1st May till 31th October

From Monday to Thursday at 14:00, on Fridays at 10:00.

We don't have tours on jewish holidays, when the great Synagogue is closed for guiding. (those dates can not be booked on the sites linked below).

Meeting point: in front of the entrance of the Dohány Street Synagogue, 15 minutes before the program starts.


Per person: 33.57 EUR

Reduced Prices (Students)

Per person: 31.80 EUR

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